Annual Meeting Agenda



   Call to Order 2:00PM, NCYC Club House

Head Table:    Joe Carroll, Mike Osnato, Joe Milke, Maggie Eldredge, Dwight Merriam

Pledge of Allegiance:        Joe Milke

Invocation:            Jean Golicz

Fuller Award:            Lou Vinciguerra

Approval Previous Minutes:  Maggie Eldredge

Elections:    Nominations are closed, Discussion is closed. Election of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Governors with 3-year terms, as proposed by the Nominating Committee

Balloting:    Supervision, Maggie Eldredge, Treasurer

Commodore Remarks:    Joe Carroll, Mike Osnato, Joe Milke

Secretary’s Report:    Maggie Eldredge

Treasurer’s Report:    Maggie Eldredge

Membership Report:    Caroline Miller

Yachting Awards    Rob Hathaway

Commodore’s Trophy:    Special Recognition Award

Recognition to outgoing    Anne Troy, Fred Pardis, Vaughn Peterson, Lou Vinciguerra

Members of BOG

Balloting Results:    New Officer Introductions: Maggie Eldredge

Presentation of Flags:    Joe Carroll

Recognitions:    Past Commodores Attending- Joe Carroll

Announcements at Large:    Membership

Adjournment:    Adjournment and Dessert Refreshments, compliments of the Activities Committee.