North Cove Yacht Club provides an engaging learning environment to promote the sport of sailing.  The objective of the Club's Junior Sailing Program is to teach sailing in a safe and structured environment to any interested youth.

NCYC employs qualified, certified US Sailing Association instructors who, along with the Junior Sailing Committee oversee our programs.  These instructors are also certified in CPR and First Aid.  NCYC's programs are based on US Sailing's curriculum.

Youth ages 8 through 15 as of August 1, 2019 may apply for enrollment in one, two or all three sessions. Each session will provide instruction for both beginners and intermediate sailors.  On the basis of the instructors’ evaluations, classes will be organized into Dyer/Opti 1, Opti 2 and 420 sailboats.

  • Dyer/Opti Level 1 - for students who may have little or no experience on the water, in sailboats, or do not have a history of organized instructional sailing experience. This class covers the fundamentals: how to rig, de-rig and care for the boats and equipment, capsize recovery, understanding the wind, how to tack and jibe. Students are introduced to the different points of sail, and basic "rules of the road."  Sailors who have mastered the basics based on instructor evaluation will then move to the Opti 2 level. Note: Sailors may spend more than one session at this level.

  • Optimists "Opti" Level 2 - sailors build on the basics and learn to be competent at boat handling, fine-tuning sail trim and shape, roll tacking, gybing as well as race skills. Note: A student can comfortably sail an Opti until they are over 5 feet and/or 110 pounds. Sailors are eligible to race in Optis until they turn 16. There are many Opti regatta events held at area yacht clubs.

  • Vanguard 420 sailboats - This is a two-person boat with mainsail and jib which provide 420 students the opportunity to develop teamwork skills. Students recommended by our instructors will move to the 420 class once they have mastered the Opti class. A program goal is to provide opportunities to compete in inter-club racing as a way to continue to develop both the interest and skills for sailors from the NCYC program.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE:  Classes begin and end promptly. It is expected that students will arrive a few minutes ahead of 9:00 so that they will have time to stow their gear and be seated for roll call at 9:00. Please do not drop your students off too early or pick them up late as there are no provisions for the supervision beyond class hours and they may not “just wait”. Pick up is promptly at 4pm. We require parents to sign out their students at the end of each day unless previous arrangements have been made.

ABSENCE/LATE ARRIVAL OR EARLY DEPARTURE: Please notify the Head Instructor as soon as possible as plans for the day for that student may have to be adjusted.

TUITION: The tuition for 2019 is $595 per session for students from the community with a 20% per session for students related to NCYC club members. Any student whose parents, guardians or other relative become club members of the North Cove Yacht Club by December 31, 2019 will have 20% per session refunded.  Registration is limited to 25 students per session and fills quickly. Online registration opens February 1st for non-Club members. Refunds will only be provided if that vacancy can be filled by another participant. Dyer

 Admission Requirements

SWIMMING ABILITY – Students must be able to swim at least 25 yards and float or tread water without a life jacket for a minimum of five minutes. Parents or guardians must sign a statement so certifying.

LIFE JACKETS – Students must have a properly sized U.S. Coast Guard approved, life jacket. The life jacket must be worn, properly buckled, at all times while in boats, on docks or floats. Students without a properly sized life jacket or students not wearing them properly will be excluded from class.

WILLINGNESS TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS – The objective of our program is to give students the best learning opportunity possible. This requires that students not disrupt classes and that they follow instructions. When on the water, this also becomes an issue of safety. Students who require medication during the school year for ADD/ADHD are urged to have discussion with their doctor concerning continuation of their medication during sailing lessons as this is a learning environment requiring attentiveness to complex tasks.

North Cove Yacht Club has a no bullying policy.

Phones and electronic devices are not allowed to be used by students and must be stored away in backpacks during the day. If a student needs to make a call, they should talk to the Head Instructor who can help.

In applying for participation in the program, students must be willing to abide by these requirements. It is expected that parents or guardians will make sure that their students fully understand these requirements before making application to the program. Should situations arise where their behavior, of a student interferes with or impairs the ability of other in the class to learn, the instructors will first discuss the problem with the student. If the problem persists, the parent or guardian will be advised, and then if no correction is made, more drastic steps will be considered, including dismissal. While these procedures should cover most instances, in particular situations where the safety of the student or other students is a stake, the instructor will use their judgment concerning the appropriate course of action.

Note: In the event of dismissal, no refund of tuition will be made.

Edward Godfrey Junior Sailing Racing Series:

The North Cove Yacht Club, through the junior program sponsors a Monday Evening racing series from 5:00-7:30 pm for juniors enrolled in any session of this six-week program. To be eligible a junior sailor needs to be recommended as having the skill to race by a senior instructor.